Sunday, 9 March 2008

A good-looking horse

An Englishman was walking down the street in Llandudno when he met Dai Davies standing beside a big strong horse.

“How much do you want for this horse?” asked the Englishman.

Dai Davies answered, “This horse doesn’t look good these days.”

The Englishman said, “I’ve been trading horses all my life and there’s nothing a country boy like you can tell me about them. Just name your price and let me be the judge of what’s good-looking and what’s not.”

“Two thousand pounds,” said Dai.

“Deal,” said the Englishman and bought the horse. When he was leading the horse, it walked right into a lamppost. The Englishman ran back to Dai and shouted,

“You didn’t tell me this horse was blind!”

Dai said, “But I told you this horse didn’t look good.”

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